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What's It all about?

HabitatDAO is a community of people working together to improve how environmental data is collected and shared. Through adoption of emerging technologies and a focus on decentralized, community-driven decision making, we’re defining a new way for people to get involved in caring for the environment. 

Knowledge Is Power

Community members carry out projects that produce valuable real-world environmental findings, and share these hyper-local findings to drive real change in their neighborhoods and beyond. 

Together, we’re capturing the pulse of the planet, and helping everyone use it to take action in the most impactful ways imaginable!

Illustration of two characters interacting with data and sensors.

Why HabitatDAO? 

Our Beliefs About environmental data

  • Communities don’t have enough access to the environmental data that affects their lives. 
  • Emerging technologies make it possible to know so much more about the environment.  
  • Society will make most progress if environmental data is owned and shared collectively.
  • Education and training is key to getting more people involved in environmental initiatives.
  • Restructuring how we communicate about the state of the environment is a huge opportunity to improve the world we live in. 

How It Works

On the Ground with HabitatDAO
  1. Donations and grants are made to our shared treasury (thank you!).
  2. DAO members vote on the best ways to capture and share hyper-local environmental data.
  3. Data from all projects is made available to our members and their wider communities.
  4. Members compare, contrast, and analyze data to gain insights that help improve the environment around them.

Environmental Public Goods


Environmental public goods are critical things like access to clean air, drinking water, low flood risk, and ample shade. Unfortunately, access is not evenly distributed, and the underlying reasons for that need to be understood before they can be addressed.


Through the use of emerging environmental technology and decentralized, community-driven organizing, HabitatDAO delivers a new type of public good in the form of open and accessible environmental data. We collect sensor data during the course of work (think air, soil, and water quality), and make it available to the Habitat community and beyond.


Our work enhances the availability of an increasingly important type of information, and lowers to barrier for anyone to get involved with monitoring and sharing the state of the environment.

Who's Involved?

Join usIllustration of people interacting with data and sensors.Illustration of people intercting with data and sensors.Illustration of people interacting with data and sensors.Illustration of people interacting with data and sensors.

In the Wild

Here's some our the work that inspired HabitatDAO.

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